A web-frontend to the WPKG software deployment system


wpkgExpress-ng v1.0.0
Based on wpkgExpress v1.0-r12


wpkgExpress-ng is a web-frontend to the WPKG software deployment system.
wpkgExpress-ng © 2013 Probesys
wpkgExpress by Brian White © 2009


  • Apache (with at least mod_rewrite enabled)
  • PHP 5.0.2 or newer
  • Any (SQL-based) CakePHP 1.3.x DataSource (i.e. mysql, mssql, postgres, etc) -- Note: thus far only mysql, sqlite (v2.x), and sqlite3 have been tested

Most DataSources rely on certain PHP extensions being enabled, whether they're compiled in or dynamically loaded.
This is important to know because some of the extensions required by some DataSources may not be available by default for some PHP distributions.
For example: sqlite DataSource requires only the sqlite PHP extension, whereas the sqlite3 DataSource requires the pdo and pdo_sqlite PHP extensions.

Getting Started

  • Uncompress this archive to a directory on your webserver that is reachable via a browser (Firefox 3.x is recommended for best results).
  • Follow and complete the short installation wizard and you're set!

sqlite/sqlite3 users only need to set the value of the "Database Name" field to the absolute path to the sqlite/sqlite3 database.
If the sqlite/sqlite3 database file does not exist, it will automatically be created.

If the issue is not listed there, feel free to file an issue (bug or enhancement) here:
Otherwise, you can leave a message on the wpkgExpress Google group here:

For the latest updates and relevant information for this project, visit


  1. Backup the following files from your existing installation:
    • config/core.php
    • config/database.php
    • config/wpkgExpress.php
  2. Overwrite the files from your existing installation with the files contained in this distribution
  3. Restore your backed up files, overwriting the ones from this distribution
  4. Finally, if upgrading from wpkgExpress v1.0-r11 or older, navigate to the following address in your browser: http://your-server/where-wpkgExpress-ng-is-installed/upgrade_pre-r12.php
    This will upgrade the wpkgExpress-ng configuration file to the format used by wpkgExpress v1.0-r12 onwards.



Fixes / Enhancements:

  • Updated CakePhp framework to v1.3.17
  • Updated jQuery to v1.10.2
  • Added Host type (Hostname / OS / Architecture / Environnement conditions) for Package checks
  • Added version comparison conditions for Package checks' Uninstall type
  • First time run now redirects to installer page